Dry Steam Vapor is Not Wet

DRY Steam Vapor

What is dry steam vapor? The simple answer is dry steam vapor is the steam developed inside of a boiler within a steam vapor system. This steam is low in moisture due to the fact that it is made up of water heated under pressure to approximately 300°.

Why do we want dry steam vapor? This low moisture steam carries high temperature moist heat to the surface being cleaned. This heated vapor loosens and removes impurities, soils, greases, and etc. and reaches into porous material and into cracks and crevices. The heat, over 200° on the  surface, cleans surfaces and kills most organisms that are present on these surfaces. Because the vapor is low moisture, not much water is present and the area dries very quickly. In most cases, no chemicals are used and so no chemical residues are left behind.

Remember with steam vapor cleaning that THE HEAT DOES THE WORK the steam just carries the heat to the surface.