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Could not live without my 2350

From Arizona to Maine, allergies and asthma….2350 handled it all!!
Had to replace some accessories, but other than that?? Not a single issue. Cannot recommend this machine enough, floors, walls, windows, carpeting— it truly is a life-saver!!


Glenburn, Maine


Bought from an authorized dealer (not you) and have the same assessment as “Very Disappointed”

LIke the review captioned “very disappointed”, when it (in my case a Ladybug 2150) works, it is a good tool to have in the toolkit. If fact, so much so that after a good experience with one 2150 at a country residence, I bought a second one for my apartment in the city (both from a large authorized dealer in Georgia if I recall correctly). That review is spot on that the machine is too prone to problems for such an expensive device and while the repairs are done well and cheerfully by the US distributor, the shipping time, shipping expense and service charges make ownership of this paperweight far from a gratifying experience. Serious buyer’s remorse here.

Thank you for the review and sorry to hear about your Ladybug. Would you mind telling me what dealer you purchased it from? There have been several reports of used or remanufactured machines from non Ladybug authorized dealers appearing on the market which may not have been properly repaired or treated.


Brooklyn, New York


Very Disappointed

My brother sold me into getting a ladybug because he raves about it’s cleaning ability. I have had my ladybug for 8 months. When it works, and the key word is WORKS, it’s fabulous. I have had to service it twice now and it seems to be broken again. It costs about $80 to send it priority mail and you are without the machine for a minimum of 2 weeks. When you get used to the kind of clean the ladybug gives you, the period of time you have to mop is painful. I chose to buy the expensive model thinking I would be getting all the bells and whistles but instead all I’ve gotten were headaches. Maybe I should have ordered the 2300 like my brother since he has never had a problem with his machine. I’ve called customer service after the second repair and explained that perhaps I received a lemon and wanted a whole machine replacement but they told me after 30 days that was not possible and I had to send it in for repairs. Now I am at the point where I am getting ready to call service repair in Washington for the third time and not have my machine for over 2 weeks. The repair department is very efficient, but it’s the transit mail time that makes you wait…. Unless you pay priority mail shipping to them, which costs a lot. In my insane moments I’ve considered buying a second machine so it would be available when the other machine is broken and out for repairs. Then I come to my senses and realize that when you pay over $2000 for a machine it should work seamlessly!!! So buyer beware, great product but breaks down a lot.


Response from Ladybug Steam Vapor

We are very sorry you are having so many problems with your Ladybug. However, if you read the other reviews, your experience is not typical for our customers or our experience with Ladybugs.

Since you did not purchase the machine from us, it is possible that you may NOT have purchased your Ladybug from an Authorized Ladybug Dealer. Everyone should be aware that there are unauthorized dealers selling Ladybugs on Ebay and other online outlets. If you purchased from an unauthorized dealer there is no guarantee that you were sold a truly new machine. It is also possible that you were sold a used machine that had problems and was repaired by someone other than the US Ladybug Repair Facility.

Bottom line – if you had purchased your machine from Ladybug Steam Vapor, we would have made sure that you were completely happy with your Ladybug.



Winter Park, Florida


Best Purchase I’ve EVER made.

I have owned a Ladybug 2200 for years. It’s a work horse that just keeps cleaning. I have allergies! Knowing I’m cleaning without chemicals but also killing off those dust mites is a win win for me. Ladybug also kills bedbugs. I love the sweet smell after cleaning. I was shocked how a quick steam of my carpet brought it back to life. Perks up the nap and removes dirt at the same time. Tile is a breeze – lifts the grime right out of those grout lines. Bathtubs – melts the soap scrum and sanitizes. I LOVE my Ladybug!


Mesa, Arizona


Great cleaning machine!

I love that I don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort cleaning my tile floors. The grout gets filthy, having dogs running around on them, but I just get out my Tekno 2350, and the dirt just melts away! It is great for cleaning the bathrooms too! The customer service department is very helpful if I call with questions, and I am delighted with this purchase that I made years ago.


Magnolia, Texas


Cleans well

I purchased the Ladybug 2300 TANCS model. It cleans very well and leaves a fresh scent. I use it mostly on the kitchen and bathroom floor and tile. Initially, I intended to use it more extensively, such as on carpets and upholstery. However, I find it bulky to use and the handle, including the “on” button that has to be depressed while in use, are poorly designed. The on button is very small and I find it difficult to keep depressed during continued use. Also, the unit doesn’t maintain a high level of heat for long. It requires time to reheat. While this isn’t terrible, I expected better quality, considering the price.


Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania


Love my Ladybug

Best product I have ever purchased for cleaning everything in my home.


Whitehouse, Ohio



I love it. I like that it cleans and sanitizes without chemicals. I use it everywhere in the house.


Chicago, Illinois



It cleans fast and thoroughly.

Tom Burke

Everett, Washington


Clean as a whistle

I love the smooth, whistle worthy clean the Ladybug leaves behind her steam cleaning. Spray cleaners cannot compete with the steam clean on windows, floors, counters and appliances! It has taken on every task with lovely results.


Mena, Arkansas


I wish I purchased sooner

I wish I would have purchased this sooner! It’s a great product and makes my house feel so clean.

Rachel McCullough

Grass Valley, California


great for big spaces

We built a new house without any carpet. As such, we needed something that could effectively clean all of the tile and wood…not to mention the toilets, showers, and windows. Ladybug works well and we’re happy with our purchase.


West Lakeland, Minnesota


The best product I own!

Nothing comes close to getting things really clean then this machine. Its easy to use and NO chemicals. The company has great customer support as well. I have had my machine for 5 years now. Please make sure you don’t mistake this company for!


New York, New York


Ladybug steam cleaner saved me thousands of dollars

Several years ago an odor blew through my HVAC and left a film and odor on everything. It took months for me to clean the walls by hand, up and down a ladder with chemical cleaner and paper towels. I was so tired that I hired a company to clean my house. After spending thousands, the odor was still there. At first, I bought a cheaper steam cleaner to clean the walls, floors and furniture. It didn’t hold up and was difficult to maintain. After flushing the tank, which the plug was on the bottom, it kept leaking everywhere. After reading about the Labybug with TANCS, I decided to spend the money to buy another steam cleaner. Ladybug does the job! I can clean my walls without going up and down a ladder. Odors in the carpet are easily removed with the Ladybug. I’ve cleaned all my upholstery and even my mattresses with the Ladybug. The initial investment has saved me thousands in not having to keep hiring a specialized cleaning company. I wish I would have bought the Ladybug steam cleaner the first time instead of buying a cheaper model first.


Cary, North Carolina


Best cleaning method – ever!

We’ve owned our LadyBug steam cleaner for over 10 years. The only thing we’ve ever had to do was to replace the steam hose. Initially, I thought it was expensive. However, it has lasted longer than any vacuum cleaner or any other cleaning equipment we have owned. Not only does it clean floors well, but it cleans many other things as well. In particular, ovens and fireplace glass are two things I honestly do not know how else you would clean.

In the new year, I am looking forward to cleaning the grout between our very dirty tile floor (which was this way when we bought it), and then putting tile sealant on. So grateful to already have the appropriate equipment, and that I don’t have to rent it, because it is going to take awhile!!


Kirkland, Washington


Ladybug tancs

It is so powerful but not too heavy! I cleaned my grout that hadn’t looked good in 17 years (even after professional cleaning)! Bathrooms and entrance ways are clean and virus free


mt sinai, New York


The best of the best!

I researched intensively for a vapor steamer before choosing the Ladybug steamer top model. This little red bug is amazing, as has a lot of of cleaning power. It’s allowed me to rid toxic cleaning products from my home environment. No regrets in my purchase as I have used it for so many cleaning projects and it’s never failed me.


Studio City, California


Highly recommended!!!

I have used the Ladybug Tekno 2350 for 4 years. Ladybug is the easiest and most efficient cleaning method I’ve ever used. Before I purchased the machine I used techniques learned at home from my Mother, then over the years I tried methods advertisd on TV and internet. I even subscribed to a commercial cleaning site – but nothing compares to the Ladybug steam method. The studies are all accurate regarding how clean surfaces become and this method is the simplest way to clean. I am so proud of how my home appears and no more spending money on chemicals to clean. It’s a win win.


Loudon, Tennessee



We got this steamer because we have cats, a dog, and allergies. Although I can’t say for certain that it’s helped with the allergies–so many variables!–I think it probably has, and would help even more if we used it more often. Allergy relief aside, however, I really, really like the way the house feels when we give it a once-over with the steamer. It looks cleaner than when we clean with cleaners, and it feels really fresh.

I heartily dislike vacuuming, and using the steamer is sort of like having to vacuum twice, but when I can steel myself to do it, it’s easily worth the small amount of extra time it takes. If I knew when I bought it what I know now, I would buy it again

We occasionally use it for spot cleaning hard-to-reach and hard-to-clean places. Consider the grime that accumulates around the bottom of the toilet, for instance. Those small areas can be time-consuming, but it does work a treat. I did, incidentally, steam the paint off of a couple of window sills, but that wasn’t the steamer’s fault–I just got carried away.


Montague, Massachusetts


An amazing tool!

I have bought two of these, I love it so much. It has been invaluable for cleaning around our home and also my dental office.


Vancouver, Washington


Great machine!

I really like this machine for the cleaning power without chemicals. It works well in lifting stains. And, I have peace of mind knowing that I can sanitize the floors and other places. I can do all that without using chemical cleaners that irritate my lungs and overpower my nose. Totally worth the investment!


New York, New York


Great little unit cleans without chemicals, don’t let price scare you away

We bought this for our 2017 sq ft condo in which we had just installed 8″ by 48″ Porcelain tile floors throughout. The condo is ocean-front, so sand from the beach was a major concern, our youngest son has asthma, and all of us have allergies of some kind. In addition, the humid air here encourages mold growth much faster when we’re not running the AC. We walk around barefoot a lot, and you can really tell how clean the floor is when barefoot. There’s almost nothing this little machine can’t clean really well – from the floors to shower glass to bathroom sinks – all without chemicals. I must admit – I was really skeptical when my wife told me she wanted us to spend nearly $2,000 on a steamer, but we bit the bullet and I am very glad we did. Don’t let the price scare you away – you’ll save money on chemicals and be healthier without them.

Phil Murphy

Melbourne Beach, Florida


A better way to clean

My Ladybug has changed the way I clean pet stains, shower funk, and my gas grill. Tough jobs are now easy and yield superior results.

Thanks for a great product!


Los Gatos, California

We’ve had our Ladybug for a few years now and we love it for a number of cleaning chores. The unit heats up quickly and provides a lot of continuous steam for those tough jobs – like cleaning and disinfecting the large cage for our Parrot. Or the grout in tiled bathroom walls and floors, or hard to reach crevices in the car interior or engine compartment, and getting those water stains around kitchen and bathroom fixtures loosened up with pressurized steam.

We like knowing that surfaces are really clean without having to deal with the smell of chemical cleaners. We can recommend the Ladybug for your cleaning / disinfecting needs.


BELLEVUE, Washington



This machine goes hand and hand with our Miele Canister vacuum. We just built a new home and installed composite flooring. Ladybug make cleaning this new flooring a breeze!


Scottsdale, Arizona


a great work horse

Last August (2016) our house was affected by the great Baton Rouge flood. We had 9 inches of icky muddy river water in our house for 2 days. The house has tile floors that could be cleaned. We rented a floor buffer to scrub the surface and they looked better. I did research and found the Ladybug Steamer. I purchased the 2300SB with Tancs and went to town cleaning every single grout line and tile in the house. The floors looked like new when I finished. The amount of additional “gunk” that came out of the grout lines was beyond belief. And I felt safer knowing that the floors were sanitized. I ran that steamer several hours each day for 8 or 9 days. The house has 2000 sq. ft. of tile. I now use my Ladybug for general cleaning in the house. I have even used it to kill fleas in a friend’s house. It just keeps making steam. Best purchase ever!!!!


Baton Rouge, Louisiana


keeps inspectors happy!

Fast and simple to set up and use. Operating a Chocolate/food manufacturing plant, the Ladybug has been invaluable in maintaining clean, sanitized equipment. From food conveyors to kettles and pans, the Ladybug gives peace of mind knowing our equipment is not just cleaned, but sanitized via the TANCS system. Our State and federal inspectors love what the Ladybug is doing for us!

Terry Craft

Beacon, New York


Nice purchase

We love our lady bug steam cleaner it does a great job of cleaning our stove top, ceramic tile and granite counters


Harrisville, Utah


Ladybug Tekno 2350

The original section of our house was built in 1850’s with add ons. Cleaning was an exhausting job that took days to complete. Some areas never cleaned up to my satisfaction. Steam cleaning technology was introduced to me by a friend, and after much research and consideration I bought the Tenno 2350. Now I don’t dread cleaning and use my ladybug for everything from radiators, to ceilings, walls and floors, light fixtures, kitchen and bathrooms, mattresses, furniture, and rugs! Really, how could I not love my ladybug? I have even taken it to friends house to help them with a tough cleaning situation or demonstrate its cleaning ability and it is so easy to carry around. I love knowing steam vapor removes biofilms and cleans pet areas giving me peace of mind. My cleaning time is cut in half and I am continually learning new ways to use my ladybug. The final word of praise is that the cleaning is toxic free and I can reuse my cotton towels so there is no waste. Amazing.


Nassau, New York


Ladybug Review

Feels commercial grade, very high quality.


tucson, Arizona

I am the one who uses the lady bug. I use it like a kid playing with a toy. It makes all the cleaning chores much easier, mainly the floors and the rugs. Remember the first time using it will take time, because you will see how the steamer will lift what we all have missed in our past cleaning. After the first cleaning it will become much easier. Enjoy your new cleaning experience.


Southington, Connecticut

I love that you can reach the top of walls and ceilings to clean with the extension poles of the Ladybug without having to use a stool or ladder. I also love that cleaning with the Ladybug doesn’t require using detergents & then having to go over the surfaces again to rinse off the detergent. The staff at Ladybug Steam Vapor are very helpful. Much Thanks.


Spokane Valley, Washington


LOVE My LadyBug!

I have purchased a LadyBug Steam Vapor couple of years ago and I LOVE it. The machine works great in cleaning my home without chemicals, my bathroom and kitchen are noticeably clean without the chemical smell and residue. The machine is quick to heat and ready to work without issue. I truly can tell the difference when I use my LadyBug as my allergies do not flare-up and the feeling is “clean”.


Huntington Beach, California


A Kitchen Workhorse

Among other chores I use my Ladybug to keep my kitchen clean. With the Ladybug in one hand and a towel in the other I am able to clean most any thing in the kitchen especially the grout and the cracks and crevices around my cooktop. The insides of my old bare wooden cabinets are finally sanitary and ready for a proper lining.


Los Gatos, California


Best investment ever!

Buying the Ladybug steamer was the best decision we could have made. The folks at were super helpful and answered all our questions — this is after all, an investment so I really appreciated their time and helpful information. We have been totally impressed with the Ladybug steamer – it does everything they say it will and more. It is incredibly effective at cleaning tough jobs – our oven now looks like new and did an amazing job on grout in the kitchen and bathroom. Like the video explains, you do need to work slowly and you don’t need to scrub super hard but on really tough areas, I did have to work thoroughly and slowly. Also, I have found it really does make a difference which head attachment you use on different cleaning jobs. Like the video says, experiment and learn what works best for the job you are trying to do. The steamer does a fabulous job on floors, appliances, etc. I really like using it to clean the rubber seals on the doors of the dishwasher and washing machine. I use it to clean my hairbrush and toothbrush. Most of all, I love that it requires no chemicals. I have cleared out practically all cleaners in the house, I simply don’t need them. I have sensitivities to lots of components of cleaners so this is a real plus. The steamer isn’t cheap, but for us, it’s been worth every penny.


Frederick, Maryland


2350 – huge fan

Love our LadyBug 2350. Helps make the countertop feel clean enough to eat off without the chemical residue. Great also for getting into those inside corners and hard to reach areas on the cooktop. Huge fan.

Andrew J Wilson

SHARON, Connecticut



I use the ladybug to clean my hardwood floors. I does a great job of cleaning dirt and grime. It leaves no residue, or excess water. Floors are ready to use immediately. I also use the steam wand to clean vinyl widow sills,


Vancouver, Washington


Wonder Tool

Mostly used to clean residential rentals. from cat pee on concrete to a two unit house infested with bed bugs the ladybug does the job.l would never be without my ladybug.


brighton, Michigan


The Ladybug Steam Cleaner is quality made.

I owned my cleaner for about ten years and it has been working without any problems. The cleaner is clearly well constructed. I love that I can take my cleaner right out of the closet and it is ready to begin cleaning in minutes!


Nipomo, California


The Power of Ladybug Steam Vapor

W need to clean our house especially the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways. Commercial cleaning products use chemicals, and chemicals are bad for our health. One solution is to use a steaming machine. The issue we usually encounter is that it takes time to bring the water to the boiling point quickly. Unfortunately. most of the machines on the market cannot because it requires a very thick container and a high wattage heating unit. A Ladybug Steam Vapor cost several times more than a typical steaming cleaner, but you get what you pay for. My first impression was the quality of the material from the main body unit to the hose and accessories. Every piece is a top notch in material and workmanship. One-quarter of tap water is all we need to clean one room. the steam is very hot so be extremely careful not to burn yourself. The reheating cycle is within a few minutes or if you don’t use maximum heat, it is at the boiling point continuously. Just follow instructions, and if you have questions, call them to ask for professional advice, you can virtually clean anything in your house. Try one of their available models based on your need, you will not be disappointed.


Cherry Hill, New Jersey


Home owner

Our home cleaning tasks have become more enjoyable with our ladybug.Our home feels cleaner and the windows are so clear its unbelievable.All that without soap.I was a skeptical,not any longer.Thank you ladybug and Italian ingenuity.


Montrose, Colorado


Best Ever steamer

Everyone should own a ladybug steamer, with 14 rescue dogs inside, believe you me, my steamer gets a work out. I love it that I don’t have to worry about chemicals with my furr babies. This has been the best investment I ever made. Thank you thank you thank you


Oronogo, Missouri


Makes cleaning so much easier.

Works great for cleaning mildew off patio, cleaning up carpet after my sweet kitties, and cleaning tub and shower. I also use it for cleaning tiles floors. I do wish it would run longer between having to heat up again, but I suspect I would need a much bigger machine for that.


Vancouver, Washington


I love love love my ladybug

I have owned my Ladybug for several years now. I use it all over my house without the need for harmful chemicals. Now that so many people and organizations have jumped on the bandwagon of harsh chemicals and the danger to our health, I’m so glad that I decided to go this way early. I have followed the recommended maintenance of my Ladybug and have had no problems with it at all. It’s easy to use and very safe.


Garland, Texas


Great Unit

I purchased the Ladybug Steam cleaners several years ago to clean my grout. It has done a great job on the grout. I now use it on my wood floors and even cleaning my BBQ. It is amazing what this product can do.


Southlake, Texas


Cleans things without using cleaners

I like this but it doesn’t do as good of a job as I hoped it would. I thought it would be magic but it’s just very good. I like being able to clean things without using cleaners, though I’m not sure it really gets as hot as I imagined it would, so I do still clean the old fashioned way sometimes.

Kristel Wyman

Seattle, Washington


Helps with just about everything

From cleaning our apartments out, to steam cleaning my own home. The steamer helps with just about everything.

Karen Szaukellis

Barrington, Illinois


one of the best purchases i’ve made

my laminate floor feel so clean after cleaning it with the ladybug. i used to use it more often when we had pets and i was happy that it provided a clean environment, without chemicals, for our pets, our family and guests.

service when we needed it was fantastic and the repair costs very reasonable, as they even paid for shipping back to hawaii.


hilo, Hawaii


Nothing cleans like Ladybug

We first bought Ladybug to clean a vacation home. Since then, it has kept the carpet in my husbands office looking like new. The grout in the tile floors looks like new even though it is 14 years old. Ladybug is great for keeping the glass in the shower clean and clear. The TANCS system insures that steam is always available on the big jobs.


Denver, Colorado



It sanitizes without harmful chemical residue.


Fremont , California

I bought the steam cleaner when I had my old and large house — it was dynamite at cleaning the tiles in my large shower there and especially good at keeping my kitchen clean while the house was up for sale. It is temporarily in storage but I am dying to get it back soon.

Ruth Morley

Middlebury, Connecticut


Saves time with a busy family

Love my ladybug. Does so many things without the toxic chemicals. Being a busy mom of three boys under 6 I have little time to deal with multiple devices. This does so many things without concern of kidsgetting harmed by toxic detergents


Belmont, California



Its so versatile! Easy to use and maintenance, we love our ladybug!


Amarillo, Texas


At Last I Can Relax

I have a background in medicine and microbiology and have been very uncomfortable cooking meat due to potentially life threatening bacterial contamination of the sink and counters. Now, with my Ladybug with the Tancs chemical free bacteria killing technology, a quick go over after food prep and I am fear free. It also helps eliminate bacteria from the crack in my laminate counter, and is priceless for doorknobs and handles when someone in the house is seriously sick and the rest of us are trying not to catch it!


west whately, Massachusetts


In a class of it’s own!!

Cleaning with this machine is a breeze. I start out to clean one bathroom and end up going through the house. It is not only really powerful it is also easy and convenient to refill. I was so not sure about spending this much money on a steamer but the sting of the purchase price abates over time and you still enjoy using this effective machine! There is no comparision between this machine and our previous less expensive steamers that never get used because they don’t have the needed power and you have to let them cool to add water. Even my husband and grown son are impressed with this steamer. (Tekno 2350 Vapor Steam Cleaner).


Richmond, Virginia


Excellent steam cleaner!

We have a number of pets and have to deal with messes all the time. The Ladybug cleaner is excellent at getting the floors completely clean and sanitized. We have used it on counter tops, appliance surfaces, and the shower tiles and everything looks great afterwards. I highly recommend this cleaner to everyone. One of the benefits is that we do not have to use nasty chemicals to clean with. This does it all for us.


Naples, Florida


Why did I wait so long to buy this?

We have two very active dogs (lots of paws and slobber) and very light tiled floors so very spot shows. I wanted something safe from chemicals that would quickly and easily take care of this and the Ladybug is it. And the floors aren’t it, it cleans my travertine and slate tile in my shower as well as my ovens, countertops, grimy finger and paw prints on doors and base boards. I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. I love my Ladybug!


Dallas, Texas


You will thank yourself!

I bought the TANC Ladybug about three years ago. It is by far one of the best purchases I have made. Originally bought because I had some smoke damage to my house due to a pot left on the stove. I cleaned the entire house with it rather than calling a disaster service. I have used it to clean smoke damage from renters, my office, steam my clothes, clean brick and patios. I have loaned it to friends. It’s reliable and is a great chemical free way to clean. You will thank yourself for this gift.


Raleigh, North Carolina


We own two Ladybugs

I have Psoriatic Arthritis and the Lady Bug steam cleaner makes household chores so easy for me to do! We especially love how you can wash and reuse the towels for cleaning instead of throwing them away. No soap is required as the steam does it all in no time. We own two Lady Bug Steam Cleaners. One for upstairs and one for downstairs so I do not have to carry them even though they are light enough to carry. For someone like me with a chronic medical condition, the Lady Bug brand helps me to continue to do my own housework.


WOLCOTT, Connecticut


Love my ladybug

After years of trying everything, I finally get my grout clean in the kitchen! My old farmhouse sparkles.

One change I would make is to add a gauge to see the water level. One fills until it basically overflows and uses it until it runs out. It would be nice to know how much to put in and when it is getting low…


Brandy Station, Virginia


Keep it Steamed!

I’ve been using this machine for about 16 years now. I ship it to tech support in WA state every few years because of mineral buildup issues (I live in Northern NM – hard water).

Great product and from my perspective – excellent after sale technical support!

John M – Santa Fe NM


Santa Fe, New Mexico


Please don’t bug the LADY

Please don’t bug the “LADY” when she is cleaning and doing her best work! My lady bug steam cleaner is small, but she sure can clean big! She has power and she makes even the hardest jobs easy! I am so happy that I purchased my lady bug b cause she helps me to clean and sanitize everything! Thank you for such a powerful little lady bug! I’m so tickled with my machine!


Duncansville , Pennsylvania


Love this machine!

I love that I can get my house so clean without chemicals. No sticky residue left like after cleaning with traditional sprays and soaps. This machine costs more than the ones from the stores but is worth every penny. It is so versatile I can clean almost anything from toilets to rugs to jewelry.


Scappoose, Oregon


Never Been Healthier

Its great to be able to clean the whole house without using any chemicals. I use homeopathy on my pets and don’t want any chemical odors or residues to block the effect. My pets and myself have never been healthier.


Greenfield, Massachusetts

A great machine. You can keep cleaning as long as you keep the reservoir full. I use it on everything that I can. It makes keeping the kitchen and bathroom easy to maintain. I clean the sneakers and the bottom of shoes.I clean the inside of the car and seats to maintain a clean fresh smell on everything. Great on keeping your rugs and furniture clean and fresh. You name it it will help. The product is well worth it. At first it may take a while, but once you get everything in tip top order, it saves you a lot of time and effort.


Southington, Connecticut



I have tried to buy parts and accessories from other Ladybug dealers but they act as if they don’t care. This dealer responded right away and we had our accessories in a few days.




Love the Ladybug!

Love that you can use the Ladybug just about anywhere in your home. No more chemical cleaning agents!

Ashley Fox Grant

Saddle River, New Jersey



My ladybug steamer is amazing. I use it on everything from ceiling fan blades counters, stove, wood floors, tile, mattresses, windows’ showers, toilets, etc. eliminates the harsh chemical smells. Reminds me of the old days of ironing.


Powder Springs, Georgia


Fantastic Machine

We absolutely love our Ladybug 2350. We had all kinds of allergy and breathing issues when cleaning with chemicals and the Ladybug has eliminated those problems. Thank you for making a product that we feel has also disinfected our home.




Great Service

Ladybug Steam Vapor is a different vendor – they actually offer service and support on the Ladybug. I recommend them highly