VaporJet® PC 2400 Professional System


VaporJet Commercial Steam Vapor System designed to handle the difficult professional jobs. Price includes cart.

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Our commercial steam vapor systems offer a simple water-only cleaning and disinfection process with scientifically documented results. Nationwide, hospitals, elder care facilities, the food service industry, the hospitality industry, and schools and universities are enjoying improved indoor air quality, less physical effort, and superior results of our greener, healthier approach.

The commercial machines are compact, quiet, and portable steam vapor systems that apply low moisture, high temperature steam vapor at low pressure and low volumes to remove soil, spots, stains, and bacteria from virtually any washable surface.

With fewer chemical cleaners to purchase or manage responsibly, steam vapor makes your staff’s maintenance efforts safer, faster, easier and more thorough. TANCS® steam vapor kills bacteria and germs and emulsifies soil, grease and oil. It also removes deeply embedded contaminants and prevents their re-accumulation.

The Complete VaporJet® PC2400 Professional System includes:

  • TANCS® system
  • Continuous fill, non-pressurized water reservoir
  • Fingertip controls
  • Infinitely variable steam volume control
  • Extended length flexible hose assembly
  • Non-rust utility service cart
  • Portable tool tote
  • Supply bag (attaches to cart)
  • 25-foot heavy-duty extension cord
  • Cotton towels
  • Two extension handles
  • Steam nozzle
  • Large rectangular brush
  • Window cleaning tool with two blades
  • Articulated triangular brush
  • Filler pad set
  • One 30mm nylon nozzle brush
  • One 38mm round nylon nozzle brush
  • Scraper/wall paper removing tool
  • Lifetime boiler warranty
  • Heavy duty cart

Available Options:

  • Additional accessories
  • Saddlebag

One-year warranty on all other parts & accessories against defects in material and workmanship in accordance with the terms and conditions in the limited warranty.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 16 in



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