Ladybug® 2200


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The Ladybug® 2200 — the ideal solution for smaller spaces


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This Baby is safe

If you have ever tried to add water to an overheated automotive radiator, you know that it is can be very dangerous. Most steam vapor machines work the same way, you have to let them cool down before you can safely add water. The Baby is different. With this machine, and all Ladybugs, you can add water anytime because you are filling a cool reservoir rather than scalding hot boiler.

In the heart of this 2200 lives the patented TANCS® device (optional) which changes ordinary tap water into a disinfection powerhouse. Only Ladybug® Steam Vapor System has TANCS®—no other steam vapor system can make that claim.  This machine may be purchased without TANCS.

The new 2200S has a new handle and upgraded specifications.

The Ladybug® 2200S is easy on the budget but powerful.

Ladybug® is the ONLY steam cleaner with a LIFETIME boiler WARRANTY*.

The complete Ladybug 2200 system includes:

  • TANCS® system with disinfection to 99.9999999%
  • LIFETIME boiler warranty with TANCS® 
  • New carry handle
  • Pressure gauge for maximum efficiency
  • Low water light plus audible signal
  • Continuous-fill, non-pressurized water reservoir
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Swivel caster wheels
  • Self-monitoring “dry” steam generator
  • Fingertip controls
  • 6.7 foot flexible hose with volume control
  • 13 standard accessories included
  • Low water light plus audible signal
  • Splash-proof design
  • One year warranty on parts and accessories

Standard Accessories in the box include:

  • Two extension handles
  • Hose assembly
  • Two nylon nozzle brushes
  • Triangle brush
  • Rectangle brush
  • Window tool
  • Nozzle
  • Wallpaper scraper
  • Boiler drain tool
  • Owner’s manual


  • Voltage  110V – 120V
  • Wattage  1500W
  • Power consumption 12.5 amps
  • Boiler capacity 1.5 quarts
  • Reservoir capacity 1.8 quarts
  • Operating pressure 58 p.s.i.
  • Boiler temperature 285 ºF
  • Boiler is made with 18/10 Stainless steel
  • Electrical approval  ETL/ETLC
  • Dimensions 16″H x 12″W x 16″D
  • Net Weight 16 lbs
  • Made in Italy

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