Steam Cleaning Will Make You Feel Better

It's true, cleaning with Ladybug dry steam vapor will make you feel better. It will make your family feel better and it will even make your pets feel better.



Very simple. Steam cleaning is the cleanest and safest way to remove soil, debris and harmful allergens, mold, bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals. 

1. No chemicals needed. It only uses water. The heat does the work.

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2. It's faster than other cleaning methods because it is one step.

Cleaning and disinfection. No wipe up required.

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3. It is less expensive. 

Consider the total you spend in a year on cleaning chemicals to the one time cost of a Ladybug. 


4. It kills harmful germs

The Ladybug not only cleans but disinfects at the same time. It will kill bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, biofilms, bed bugs, mites, and anything else that can make you sick.

Dust mite

We challenge you to take the feel test.

We guarantee that you can feel the difference between a surface cleaned with chemicals and one cleaned with steam. Many people also notice a big difference in the way a home smells much cleaner and fresher when it is cleaned with steam.