You will have a cleaner, healthier, germ free and chemical free home with the Ladybug®.

1. It cleans without cleaning chemicals.

People don’t realize that most cleaning chemicals are toxic to humans to to pets.  Some are even linked to cancer.

2. It sanitizes, deodorizes and disinfects with only water.

All you need is water because with the Ladybug® and TANCS® the HEAT DOES THE WORK.

Tancs equipped Ladybugs kills 99.9999999% of the germs.

3. It saves you time and money.

Steam vapor is faster because it works in seconds – no dwell time.

No more chemicals to buy and lug home.

4. It kills fleas, dust mites and bed bugs on contact.

The intense heat in the vapor kills these bugs on contact.  No chemical can claim that.

5. It penetrates biofilms on counter tops and floors.

Chemicals cannot penetrate biofilms but heat does.

6. It kills bacteria, mold spores and viruses on contact.

These bugs cannot survive with the intense heat from the Dry Steam Vapor.

7. It deactivates allergens that make you suffer.

Same thing here; allergens are easily dissolved with heat.

And some more reasons…

It’s three systems in one

The patented Ladybug® Steam Vapor System with TANCS® is more than just a steam vapor system. It combines three capabilities in one:  revolutionary cleaning, breakthrough sanitation with TANCS®, and finding bugs where they hide.

Revolutionary Cleaning

The patented Ladybug® Steam Vapor System with TANCS® is simply the best way to clean your home without using chemicals. It can get into those places where other cleaning methods cannot. And it does it all with the safest chemical on the planet – water. It’s effective and is kind to the environment.

Bugs Hate It!

Only the patented Ladybug® Steam Vapor System with TANCS® can get into porous areas and cut through biofilms like a knife through butter. This steam vapor system will kill bacteria, viruses, bedbugs, mites and any other creepy crawlies in your home.

Breakthrough Sanitation

TANCS® changes the electrical charge on the water molecules so that when it becomes steam and goes into the area to be cleaned, the heat loosens the dirt the debris is attracted up to the towel on the cleaning attachment. With TANCS inside, the Ladybug is the only steam vapor system that can sanitize and disinfect.