Ladybug Troubleshooting

One of the most frequent calls we get about a Ladybug malfunctioning can be directly related to bad water in the boiler. Dirty or corrosive water will coat the sensors in the boiler and cause the machine’s computer to receive incorrect information.

If you are experiencing any problems with your Ladybug Steam Machine the first thing to do is to empty and flush the boiler. Remember that the boiler and water reservoir are separate and that emptying the reservoir does not empty the boiler. The boiler should be emptied EVERY MONTH. If you not going to use the Ladybug for a long period of time, empty the boiler and leave the plug out until the interior of the boiler drys out.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EMPTY THE BOILER IF THE MACHINE IS HOT. Let it cool at least 8 hours. There should be no pressure on the drain plug.

How to empty the boiler

Standard Ladybugs

Ladybug Boiler Drain ToolFor all standard machines (Ladybug 2300, 2200 and 2150) locate the 21 mm boiler plug is located on the bottom of the machine. Your machine should have shipped with a wrench for this plug. 

Purchase the Standard Boiler Drain Tool


Ladybug® TEKNO®

For the Ladybug® TEKNO® 2350 the boiler drain is next to the water fill. Remove the 6mm hexagonal socket plug with the Allen or Hex tool that came with your machine and turn the Ladybug over to allow all the water in the boiler to drain out.

Ladybug TEKNO Boiler Drain

Watch this video to learn how to maintain your TEKNO.





Why does the boiler need to be emptied?

Residues from the water can build up and reduce the efficiency of the boiler and cause the internal sensors to give improper values to the Ladybug processor. 

How often does the boiler need to be emptied?

The boiler AND reservoir should be emptied and refilled every month. If you plan on leaving the machine unused for more than a month, leave the boiler and reservoir empty. If you are using a steam vapor system professionally, you should empty the boiler every week.