Ladybug Chemical FreeChemical Free Cleaning

Chemical free with the Ladybug® Dry Steam cleaner results in following immediate benefits:

  • Total elimination of exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Lower cost of cleaning
  • Faster cleaning because it is one step
  • Disinfection

Water Only

Because the Ladybug uses only water, you are not introducing anything into your environment that has NEW chemicals or NEW odors which may affect your well being. Using the system will actually remove chemical residuals left behind from previous cleaning procedures as well as remove odors, such as perfumes, from garments and other fabrics. In addition, using the system provides you with a means to sanitize many critical surfaces which are important to your health without using odiferous toxic germicides. However, if you suffer from chronic and severe chemical sensitivity, you should have someone else actually do the work, particularly during the initial cleanup. Because the system even reaches into the pores of fabric and hard surfaces, it will drive out contaminates and chemical residue from those surfaces. This may have an adverse effect on you until those contaminates are completely removed.

Green Cleaners

Green Chemical ManMost green cleaners do not disinfect. It's very important for the people who want to use chemicals or devices in their homes or their businesses to disinfect surfaces, to verify that they actually work to kill germs. For chemicals, you can look for something that's an EPA registered disinfectant. Then for devices, you want to look for a manufacturer that has ample data showing that their product actually killed microorganisms. There is a world of documented research showing that the Ladybug® with TANCS® kills organisms effectively.

Costs of Disinfection

Steam vs chemicalsThree things come to mind with the first being labor cost, how much time it takes to disinfect. The second is supply cost, how much does the chemical or the device cost. And then the third layer are the risks that can be posed by the chemicals disinfection.

The labor issue is straight forward. How long does it take to treat a surface in accordance with the manufacture's instructions?

Chemical costs can vary widely. The more inexpensive chemical disinfectants are great because they're inexpensive. Unfortunately, they have some gaps in their efficacy spectrum and sometimes take a long time to disinfect. So the chemical cost-- you kind of get what you pay for.

ChemicalsThe potential larger cost comes from the risk of disinfection. Consumers can save using steam vapor disinfection by eliminating oxidative chemicals like bleach and other disinfectants which have the added problem of kicking off allergy attacks and asthma in people who are susceptible to those chemicals. Taking a chemical free approach, enables people to avoid some of those potentially more costly outcomes among their cleaning staff. So labor, chemical supply costs, and then some of the chemical risks associated with traditional disinfectant, as the overall cost of disinfecting.