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Home allergen exposure is a risk factor for allergic sensitization and asthma development. The Ladybug® Steam Cleaner with TANCS® is a practical and effective method to neutralize and eliminate allergens in your home.


Allergen Sources

What are the sources of allergens in your home? The most common sources are dust mites, pet dander and mold and these types of allergens must be deactivated. One of the big sources of allergy promotion is present in nearly every home - cleaning chemicals.


Chemical Allergies


A University of Melbourne researcher has found that over one-third of Americans report health problems, from asthma attacks to migraine headaches, when exposed to common fragranced consumer products such as air fresheners, cleaning supplies, laundry products, scented candles, cologne, and personal care products.

It is counter productive to use chemicals to try to make our environment free of allergens. Chemical cleaners can be as or more effective at producing an allergic reaction as natually occurring allergens.

Even the so called "green cleaning" chemicals can produce an allergic reaction and are not really safe to use. The Ladybug® Steam Cleaner only uses water.

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Cleaning with Chemicals is bad

How To Remove Allergens

The Ladybug® Steam Cleaner, unlike other cleaning or pest control methods, uses heat to do the work, NOT CHEMICALS OR POISONS. Let’s consider the dust mite, which lives in our clothes, mattresses, carpets and upholstery. The recommended treatment for dust mites is to launder the concerned item in water at a temperature of at least 130 degrees F, or treat the surface with a tannic acid solution. This may be difficult to do with carpets, couches and mattresses, or your best suit coat which probably is the most highly contaminated. The vapor system comes to the rescue in this case because it provides you with a method of penetrating all of these surfaces thoroughly with temperatures in excess of 220 degrees F. The heat kills the mites without over wetting the surfaces. Minimal wetting is important because mites favor a humid environment. Using the vapor system’s fine hot mist prevents this from occurring. The articles treated are completely dry in a matter of minutes – not hours. After treating a surface it is recommended that you vacuum it thoroughly with a HEPA equipped vacuum to remove any particulate matter. Fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae are also killed by short term exposure to high temperature heat carried by very fine vapor reaching into the pores and pockets of fabric and carpets. No poisons here to affect children, pets, or indoor air quality.

Ladybug® TEKNO® 2350

Major University Study on Dust Mite Allergen Neutralization

A study to determine the efficacy of steam vapor on dust mite allergens was conducted by several major universities. The results of the study show that the Ladybug® Dry Steam Vapor system is an effective treatment for dust mite allergens. You can read the entire study here.

Dust Mites