Ladybug® Trade In

Have your dreamed of owning the top of the line Ladybug Steam Vapor System? We will credit you up to $400* off the price of a brand new Ladybug® TEKNO 2350.

Ladybug® TEKNO® 2350

In fact, if you have any steam machine, then we will take it as a trade-in for a brand new Ladybug® TEKNO® 2350.

On top of that you get 6 months to pay the balance!

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Have an old Ladybug® 2150? 

We will take it! Running or not.

Have an old Ladybug® 2200? 

We will take it running or not!

Have an old Ladybug® 2300?

We will take it running or not!

Have a steam cleaning machine that doesn't clean or worse yet, doesn't have TANCS®? Trade it in!


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Ladybug TEKNOGive us a call 800-939-3609 or fill out the form below.

How much you will receive for your trade in depends on what machine you have, the condition of your machine and what accessories you have. Even if your machine is not working, it still has trade in value.

To start the process, please fill out this form. We will take a look and get back to you with our best trade in value.

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*This offer does not apply to open box Ladybugs or sale items.