And Why Cleaning is Revolting

Good Bug Better Bug No, the cute bugs are not staging an uprising. They are a fitting symbol of a revolution in cleaning, since the small insects help solve big problems by eating thousands of crop-damaging aphids and destructive insects, reducing the need for pesticides or toxic chemicals.

A farmer in Brazil said one lady beetle during its life would eat 800 lice on citrus trees, and that biological controls reduced the need for pesticide spraying from every two weeks to every two months. One ladybug will eat 50 or more aphids a day, per the University of California IPM Blog.

Likewise, the compact Ladybug® dry steam vapor machine with TANCS® helps solve big problems in cleaning and disinfecting by removing a range of soils and millions of pathogens, using tap water converted to low-moisture, high-temperature steam, and zero chemicals.

The Ladybug with TANCS creates a 5 - 7 logarithm reduction (aka, “log reduction”) in pathogens within 3 -5 seconds of application. For example, a '5' log reduction on a surface spot with 100,000 microbes would reduce them to 1. The Ladybug TANCS steam vapor system eradicates 99.9999 to 99.99999% pathogens in just a few seconds.

Battle Cry of the Revolution: “Health Intentional Cleaning” Pays

Health intentional cleaning is cleaning performed for health purposes rather than just for appearances. Health intentional cleaning does not cost, it pays:

Payoff 1: Removal of soils and microbes using a Ladybug dry steam vapor machine does not require expensive chemicals, just tap water and TANCS® chemical-free technology.

Payoff 2: High performance dry steam shortens work, disinfecting and drying times; “time is money”.

Payoff 3: Total, rapid destruction of surface microbes without using chemical disinfectants prevents survival of resistant bacteria, lowering healthcare costs and related expenses for antibiotics. It also stops cross-contamination, as germs are completely inactivated on surfaces and in cloth applicators.

Payoff 4: Removal of residue reduces the rate of resoiling, slashing future cleaning needs.

Payoff 5: The Ladybug is good for people, indoor air, and budgets, eliminating chemical sensitizers and asthmagens such as bleach and common cleaners.

Bill Fisk of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory concluded that “potential financial benefits of improving indoor environments exceed costs by factors of 9 and 14.”

Breaking with Old Ways: Tools of the Revolution

Per Stephen R. Covey: “The significant break-throughs have always been break-withs” ─ i.e., breaking with old ways of doing things. He cited the American Revolution as an example of a “break-with” obsolete ways.

But instead of muskets, gun powder and cannons, the Ladybug Revolution uses a “steam gun” and other accessories to clean virtually any surface in a “revolutionary” way.

Cleaning is Revolting

Enlightened people are revolting. Armed with the Ladybug® and TANCS® technology, you can join the chemical-free battle cry may now be heard in homes across America.

Join the Ladybug Revolution! Viva La Revolucion…