Submitted by Kathy on November 4, 2012

It is not enough to have just a chemical free home but having chemical free foods are the part of the equation.  Eating a healthy cereal such as the one created by one of our local millers, Camano Island Mills.  Their Purple Sunrise Cereal isn’t your mother’s oatmeal.  In fact, it is for people who may want an alternative to oatmeal.  Purple Sunrise contains an ancient rice that only Emperors were allowed to eat, hence the name “forbidden rice” and the purple color.  You can have this incredible superfood and 9 other grains or seeds in one powerhouse cereal with taste that will knock your socks off.

Take the best certified organic ancient grains and rices, mill them and package them in just minutes from the process, add an oxygen eater and put it all in a high barrier foil bag and you will have the freshest tasting cereal available.

I you like the taste of Mandel Bread, you will love this cereal.