Steam Vapor the Clear Winner in Fighting Mold


A study funded by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, evaluated three carpet cleaning methods and their ability to clean moldy carpet. The goal was to evaluate the growth of fungi and its removal over time using the selected methods: high-flow, hot-water extraction; hot water and detergent; and steam vapor. The results achieved with the three cleaning methods showed that Steam vapor with TANCS® technology emerged as the superior alternative to eliminating mold.

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The Alternative to Toxic Germicides

Toxic Chemicals

A “nontoxic” and “one-step” cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer product consisting of hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacetic acid, and acetic acid–poses a possible health hazard to workers exposed to it.

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Ladybug with TANCS Kills Ebola Virus

Ladybug Kills Ebola

Protect your family from any possible contact with Ebola virus. The Ladybug® with TANCS® is an EPA regulated disinfection device and can kill the enveloped viruses – probably better than any chemical disinfectant. As an enveloped virus, Ebola is sensitive to heat and it is the heat of the Ladybug® that does the work.

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Study that validates Ladybug dry steam vapor

Dry Steam Kills

Recent scientific literature suggests that portable steam vapor systems are capable of rapid, chemical-free surface disinfection in controlled laboratory studies. This study evaluated the efficacy of a portable steam vapor system in a hospital setting.

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