Disinfection Marketing

The fantasy is that dousing surfaces with disinfection products will eliminate harmful pathogens. The fine print qualifies (or exposes) the claim.
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Sanity in Sanitation

Common cleaning or disinfecting practices of today often make the same crazy mistake, ignoring the little matter of properly removing or inactivating pathogens and creating large infectious disease problems.
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Working is hazardous

Working Is Hazardous

Working may be hazardous to health in unexpected ways. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the ten jobs having the highest number of injuries with days away from work to recuperate are nursing aides and orderlies and janitors and cleaners.
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Ladybug Steam Vapor Video

Best Cleaning Products

Dry steam vapor is high on the list of the best cleaning products, as it removes both common soils plus oils and grease, leaving nothing behind to attract dirt or pollute the air. It kills bacteria and prevents odors.
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Good Bug Better Bug

Join the Ladybug Revolution

Enlightened people are revolting. Armed with the Ladybug and TANCS technology, the Health Intentional Cleaning battle cry may now be heard in homes and buildings across America.
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When purchasing a steam cleaning machine

What to look for when purchasing a steam cleaning machine
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Fragranced Products Cause Health Problems

Over one-third of Americans report health problems from asthma attacks to migraine headaches when exposed to common fragranced products.
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Bad Bugs

Hospital Bugs

There are bad bugs everywhere but hospitals may be the best place to pick up something you definitely don't want.
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Dust Mites

Steam Vapor Vaporizes Dust Mite Allergens

Steam vapor effectively vaporizes mite allergens according to this extensive study.
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Steam Vapor the Clear Winner in Fighting Mold

A study funded by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, evaluated three carpet cleaning methods and their ability to clean moldy carpet. The goal was to evaluate the growth of fungi and its removal over time using the selected methods: high-flow, hot-water extraction; hot water and detergent; and steam vapor. The results achieved with the three cleaning methods showed that Steam vapor with TANCS® technology emerged as the superior alternative to eliminating mold.
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Green Chemical Man

How Safe Are Green Cleaning Products?

A growing number of Americans are seeking so-called green cleaners -- products made with natural, nontoxic, and biodegradable ingredients. Some of these cleaners promise that they contain natural (instead of synthetic) agents, break down quickly in the environment, or pose less of a toxic threat to humans and ecosystems. But critics caution that just because the ingredients in green cleaners are plant-based or natural doesn‘t necessarily mean they‘re safe.
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Toxic Chemicals

The Alternative to Toxic Germicides

A “nontoxic” and “one-step” cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer product consisting of hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacetic acid, and acetic acid–poses a possible health hazard to workers exposed to it.
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Cancer Chemicals

Everyday Chemicals Cause Cancer When Combined

New research from a global taskforce shows that fifty chemicals the public are exposed to on a daily basis have been shown to trigger cancer when combined.
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Dr. Benjamin Tanner

TANCS® Cheaper Than Chemicals

Many, especially "green" chemical cleaners do not work. When comparing the total cost of TANCS® to chemical cleaners, TANCS® WINS!
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Dr. Gerba

Chemicals versus TANCS®

Dr. Gerba, what is your experience with the TANCS Dry Steam Vapor System and its efficacy as a disinfectant. What are the limitations of chemical disinfectants and how does TANCS Steam Vapor provide solutions?
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Ladybug Kills Ebola

Ladybug with TANCS Kills Ebola Virus

Protect your family from any possible contact with Ebola virus. The Ladybug® with TANCS® is an EPA regulated disinfection device and can kill the enveloped viruses - probably better than any chemical disinfectant. As an enveloped virus, Ebola is sensitive to heat and it is the heat of the Ladybug® that does the work.
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Dry Steam Kills

Study that validates Ladybug dry steam vapor

Recent scientific literature suggests that portable steam vapor systems are capable of rapid, chemical-free surface disinfection in controlled laboratory studies. This study evaluated the efficacy of a portable steam vapor system in a hospital setting.
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Ladybug on Boats

Ladybug Cleaning Boats

The Ladybug is a great way to clean and deodorize your boat.
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How to use steam to clean decks

A video tutorial on using steam vapor to clean your deck. Not only does steam vapor clean without nasty chemicals but it kills the bugs that make decks look bad.
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Cleaning with Chemicals is bad

Cleaning With Chemicals Is Not For Sissies

Using cleaning chemicals not only requires a Ph.D. to use properly because if you don't use them as directed, they don't work. If you spray and wipe, the chemical doesn't have time to kill any bacteria.
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Steam Vac Compromise

Why Steam Vacs don’t work

Why Steam Vacs Don't Work - When many of you hear the product category “Steam Vac” you probably think of the steam vacs being sold everywhere that actually have no steam at all, but are really inexpensive extraction vacuums. In this case we are speaking of an all inclusive steam vapor system and vacuum incorporated into one unit.
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What is DRY Steam Vapor?

What is dry steam vapor? The simple answer is dry steam vapor is the steam developed inside of a boiler within a steam vapor system.
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Camano Island Mills

Healthy Home Healthy Body

It is not enough to have just a chemical free home but having chemical free foods are the part of the equation.
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Disinfectants train superbug

Disinfectants ‘train’ superbugs

Disinfectants could effectively train bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics, research suggests.
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