The best cleaning products remove the most soil using the fewest resources - time, money, chemicals, scrubbing - while protecting your assets: health and home.

Cleaning with Chemicals is badAccording to Wikipedia: The “purposes of cleaning agents include health, beauty, removing offensive odor, and avoiding the spread of dirt and contaminants to oneself and others” (“Cleaning agent”). The range of cleaning products includes all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, carpet cleaners, floor cleaners, and others.

Cleaning removes soil. Many “cleaners” don’t because they leave a chemical and fragrance behind. A surface with residue is not clean, and fragrances pollute the air.

Choose Residue- and Fragrance-free Solutions

Think H20. Since water is a universal solvent, and heat increases its effectiveness, try hot water and a microfiber cloth. Even better, take a lesson from hospitals that use water converted to steam to clean and sterilize their instruments.

Dry steam vapor (DSV) devices, such as the TANCS® system by Advanced Vapor Technologies, use just a quart or two of tap water to clean and disinfect an average sized home or office.

Dry steam is high on the list of the best cleaning products, as it removes both common soils plus oils and grease, leaving nothing behind to attract dirt or pollute the air. It kills bacteria and prevents odors.

The Right Cleaning, Disinfectant Products Save Time

It’s also a speed demon for disinfecting. What takes a chemical disinfectant minutes to do, DSV can do in seconds.



The Best Cleaners Save Money

How much does it cost? Less than you might think. When you consider that a high quality DSV device will last a decade or more, and uses just tap water, the long-term cost is much lower than buying chemicals every month.

Superior Cleaning Products use Fewer Chemicals

Plus, with DSV, no empty plastic bottles of “cleaner” go to the landfill, no chemicals go down the drain, and there are no hazards to touch, inhale, or ingest around children.

Effective Cleaning Products Need Less Scrubbing

Lastly, scrubbing is obsolete with the latest cleaning product advances. Hot, dry steam applied with insulated tools goes deep into the pores of surfaces and removes even embedded dirt with only light agitation. The fine particles of steam do the heavy lifting and “scrubbing.”

The Best Cleaners Beautify and Preserve Your Space

Since dry steam leaves surfaces truly clean, without ugly or harsh residues, the beauty of surfaces shines through. Items and furnishings look better and last longer.

So why doesn’t everyone choose this as the best cleaning method? We are creatures of habit.

Get the Right Cleaning Habits

Per Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, habits consist of:

1. A cue

2. A routine

3. A reward


He says you change a habit by:

1. Keeping the same cue

2. Changing the process linked to it, and

3. Keeping the same reward.

For example, if you want to change to a chemical-free cleaning process such as TANCS® dry steam vapor, and your cue has been to leave a broom next to the closet where you keep your cleaning supplies. Keep putting the broom in the same spot each week, get rid of most chemicals, but change the routine to using a steam vapor sanitation system, then follow up with the same reward: Admiring your clean, fresh-smelling home — but without the chemicals!

So, get the DSV habit today! Everyone, budget, health and home will benefit.