Ladybug Authorized DealerLadybug Authorized Dealer

Steam Cleaner Central is an authorized dealer of Ladybug® Dry Steam Vapor residential and VaporJet® commercial systems.

The best product I own!

"Nothing comes close to getting things really clean then this machine. Its easy to use and NO chemicals. The company has great customer support as well. I have had my machine for 5 years now. Please make sure you don’t mistake this company for!"


New York, New York

Steam Cleaner Central is unique because we own and use Ladybug systems every day.

Good Bug Better BugThat's right, we own and use the Ladybug® every day in our home so when you call Steam Cleaner Central you will not be talking to someone hired to answer the phone who has never used the machine, much less owned one. Some companies say they have "tested" the machines, what good is that? Ask if they actually use them every day in their homes or businesses.  In fact, we have been using these machines for over 17 years so you benefit from our experience and understanding of dry steam vapor technology.

Steam Cleaner Central actually stocks OEM Ladybug® parts and accessories. 

Ladybug® TEKNO® Accessories - Ladybug Steam VaporMany of the big box retailers on the web only sell Ladybugs and do not stock, and in many cases don't even know that there are a variety of parts and accessories available for all Ladybugs. Because we are only a few miles from the US distributor we can get any part for your Ladybug in short order. 

Plus, if you have a problem with your Ladybug we are also close to the US Ladybug Repair facility and can provide you a rapid turnaround on any Ladybug repair.

Steam Cleaner Central sells the best steam cleaners 

TANCS® Disinfection DeviceWe believe our line of steam cleaners are the best on the market . For Ladybugs, the EPA registered TANCS® device gives the Ladybug® disinfection capabilities that exceed EPA regulated chemicals in both speed of disinfection and ability to kill   or neutralize the bacteria, mold, allergens that can make you and your family sick. 

DON'T BE FOOLED. There are sites selling steam machines that do not have TANCS® and try to discount the importance of EPA registered disinfection. It matters. It matters a lot because there is a big difference between the level of disinfection with an ordinary steam machine and one equipped with TANCS®. We have the research to prove it. 

Learn more about TANCS®

We created the Ladybug videos for AVT

Ladybug Steam Vapor VideoWe know Ladybug® backwards and forwards because we created the Ladybug® training videos for the manufacturer.  When you watch our videos you will notice that they were made in a real home not in an office or showroom.  If the video was made in the company showroom, that is a good clue that the company never took the Ladybug home.  

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