The 7 Reasons to shop at Steam Cleaner Central

1. We actually own and use these things

Ladybug Steam Vapor VideoThat’s right, we actually own and use these machines on a daily basis in our homes so when you call Steam Cleaner Central you will not be talking to someone hired to answer the phone who has never used the machine, much less owned one. Some companies say they have “tested” the machines, what good is that? Ask if they actually use them every day in their homes or businesses.  In fact, we have been using these machines for over 14 years so you benefit from our experience and understanding of dry steam vapor technology.

2. A laser focus on Ladybug®

If you wanted to buy a Ferrari®, would you be comfortable with a dealer who also sold Yugos, motorcycles and bicycles?  Most online dealers sell so many products that they have no idea how they work and they really can’t help you when you need answers.  We are not distracted by other products.  We don’t promote or sell steam machines of dubious quality, steam mops, vacuums, air purifiers, beds, other unrelated products. The Ladybug is our focus because it is known as best in the industry.  When someone says steam vapor, they think Ladybug®.

3. Who knows steam vapor better than the ones who do the training?

DVPRO DVDWe know Ladybug® backwards and forwards and have developed and produced the Ladybug® training videos.  When you watch our videos you will notice that they were made in a real home not in an office or showroom.  If the video was made in the company showroom, that is a good clue that the company never took the Ladybug home.  You benefit from that extensive knowledge. Check this out Tip of the Week.

4. We will show you how

Cleaning with steam is unlike anything you have ever used to make your home smell better, feel better and actually be better.  Like many other things in life, there is a learning curve and steam vapor is not different.

5. If you don’t like it, send it back.

We offer a generous return policy on every dry steam vapor machine.  See our return policy page.

6. FREE Home delivery or shipping

If you are in our area you can have your new Ladybug® right away, we deliver the machine right to your home and show you how to use it.  If not, we will ship the machine to you free of charge.

7. The company that created the Ladybug® is nearby

Being close means that you get far better service and support than someone half a continent away.

And a few more reasons…

Low Price Guarantee – we will beat any documented online price

Authorized Ladybug® Dealer

Pay No Sales Tax outside Washington

No fake testimonials on our site