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We believe that the Ladybug® with TANCS® is the world's best steam cleaner and have found that there is no reason to stock any other steam cleaner because they simply do not measure up to the quality and capability of the Ladybug® AND - NO OTHER STEAM CLEANER HAS TANCS®. NO OTHER STEAM CLEANER HAS A LIFETIME BOILER WARRANTY*.

What is TANCS®?  TANCS® is a thousand times more effective than chemical cleaners. Click here. TANCS®

The Ladybug Steam Cleaner provides a truly clean home using no chemicals, just heat and water.  It makes your home safe for you, your family and your pets and with TANCS® it will kill 99.9999999% of the germs in your home.

When you buy a steam cleaner, remember to ask the seller if they personally use the machine in their own home or business.  We have been using and training folks how to use Ladybugs for nearly 20 years and even made most of the Ladybug videos you see all over the internet. Find out more 7-reasons to shop at Ladybug Steam Vapor.

Steam Cleaner Central is Washington State's Authorized Ladybug dealer selling the full line of Ladybug Steam Cleaner machines and accessories.

Highly recommended!!!

"I have used the Ladybug Tekno 2350 for 4 years. Ladybug is the easiest and most efficient cleaning method I’ve ever used. Before I purchased the machine I used techniques learned at home from my Mother, then over the years I tried methods advertisd on TV and internet. I even subscribed to a commercial cleaning site – but nothing compares to the Ladybug steam method. The studies are all accurate regarding how clean surfaces become and this method is the simplest way to clean. I am so proud of how my home appears and no more spending money on chemicals to clean. It’s a win win."


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* machines with TANCS®.