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The Ladybug will stop the Coronavirus in its tracks!

The Ladybug has been tested on the Human coronavirus 229E. Steam vapor with TANCS® is very effective in destroying the virus. An independent, 3rd party laboratory found that steam vapor with TANCS® reached a 99.94% reduction in 3 seconds.  The results, as well as those conducted on many other viruses and bacteria, are available.
Pay Attention to Dwell Times
Products from Lysol, and Clorox state that if the surface being disinfected is first thoroughly cleaned, and then sprayed with their product while remaining wet for 3 plus minutes, their products would then reach a 99.9% effectiveness.
Not only has Ladybug steam vapor systems with TANCS® demonstrated effectiveness against the Human coronavirus 229E, they have also demonstrated effectiveness on viruses harder-to-kill than SARS-CoV-2, such as the Canine Parvovirus. AVT reached a >99.99% reduction in 7 seconds. To put that in perspective, bleach takes nearly 10 minutes.

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"Buying the Ladybug steamer was the best decision we could have made. The folks at were super helpful and answered all our questions — this is after all, an investment so I really appreciated their time and helpful information. We have been totally impressed with the Ladybug steamer – it does everything they say it will and more."

Trudy, Frederick, Maryland

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*The 99.9999999% level of disinfection requires the TANCS® conponent.